901 Dulaney Valley Road, Suite 220
Towson, MD 21204


Dulaney SafetyDulaney Eye Institute and Surgery Center is designed, equipped, and staffed exclusively for outpatient surgery. Dulaney Eye Institute meets and exceeds the highest standards required by the state of Maryland and maintained accreditation with the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care. As compared to a hospital, DEI provides greater conveniences in a more relaxed atmosphere. Outpatient surgery is available to most patients and usually allows them to be discharged within 30 minutes after surgery to recuperate in the comfort of their own home. DEI is a single-specialty, Ophthalmic Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC)

Dulaney Eye Institute has been designed with your privacy, safety, and comfort in mind. We recognize that time away from your family and job is an inconvenience. Our waiting room is a comfortable room for your family and friends. Our fully-equipped operating rooms allow us to minimize your time at our facility, while providing the latest surgical technology to your surgeon.

• The Highest Quality Surgical Facilities

Dulaney Eye Institute is equipped with four operating rooms, a laser procedure room, a substerile room, a pre-operative and recovery suite and a comfortable lounge area for patients and family members. In addition to cataract surgery, Our ASC is used for eye muscle surgery, cornea surgery, eyelid surgery, orbital fractures, glaucoma surgery, complex retina cases and various other eye and lid surgeries.

• Medicare Certified

Dulaney Eye Institute is classified as "Medicare Certified," ensuring that our patients receive the highest quality level of surgical services.

The surgery center is licensed by the state of Maryland and is also AAAHC accredited. The Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care is the preeminent leader in developing standards to advance and promote patient safety, quality and value for ambulatory health care through peer-based accreditation processes, education and research. Accreditation is ultimately awarded to organizations that are found to be in compliance with the Accreditation Association standards.

The AAAHC Accreditation means that Dulaney Eye Institute has passed a series of rigorous and nationally recognized standards for the provision of quality health care set by the AAAHC. Organizations seeking this accreditation are required to undergo an extensive on-site, peer-based survey of their facilities and services. Not all ambulatory health care organizations seek this accreditation and not all seeking the accreditation are granted it; however Dulaney Eye Institute commitment to the highest quality patient care is evidenced by their drive to pursue this status.

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